Davis Teen: How Pesky Mosquitoes Led To Scientific Publication

From the Davis Patch
December 21, 2017

DAVIS, CA – –Seventeen-year-old Helena Leal doesn’t like mosquitoes, but they like her.

“I always get bitten by mosquitoes more often than my family and friends,” says the Davis High School senior. “I get fairly bad reactions to mosquito bites, including swelling and itching, so I always have to be meticulous in using repellents.”

Thanks to her lifelong interest in those pesky female mosquitoes that target her for a free (blood) meal, Helena Leal now joins the ranks of published scientists. She’s the lead author of UC Davis-based research published Dec. 21 in the journal Nature Scientific Reports.

“It was great to have the opportunity to do research addressing a question I’ve had ever since I was a child,” she said of the work, “Attraction of Culex Mosquitoes to Aldehydes from Human Emanations,” completed in the UC Davis Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology lab of her father, chemical ecologist Walter Leal.

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