City Warns About the Seasonal Return of Aedes Mosquitoes

From Pasadena Now
September 10, 2020

Fall is a great time to enjoy outdoor space but beware: Aedes mosquitoes are most active during this time.

The notorious ankle-biting, black-and-white striped mosquitoes don’t go away when summer fades. Instead, they continue to pester humans well into October.

The San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District is reminding residents to wear repellent to avoid being bitten. Use any of the following CDC-recommended active ingredients found on a repellent bottle: Oil of lemon eucalyptus, picaridin, DEET, or IR3535.

In addition, according to the city’s in-house news magazine In Focus, take time to clear out any dense vegetation around the home. Dense vegetation in the form of ivy, hedges, and large bushes can provide resting sites for mosquitoes.

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