California sees increase in West Nile virus deaths this year, compared to 2016

From Los Angeles Daily News
November 13, 2017

More people were infected and died of West Nile virus across California this year compared to last year, especially in Los Angeles County. That’s where the number of infections peaked in September, recent data show.

Statewide, there have been 25 deaths so far this year, or six more than all of last year, according to recent data from the California Department of Public Health. In addition, 454 people from across the Golden State were infected this year, a 17 percent increase from 2016.

Though the end of the season is approaching, more reports of infections and deaths are likely, public health officials said.

In Southern California, Los Angeles County seemed to bear the brunt of both infections and deaths. So far, 235 people have been infected by the disease and 17 people have died, including one person in Long Beach. The numbers surpass last year’s 153 cases and 6 deaths, according to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

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