‘Ankle biter’ mosquitoes becoming more common in Orange County

From ABC 7
August 28, 2019

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. (KABC) — Just what Southern California needs – not just more mosquitoes but a different breed of the insect that is sticking around longer.

The Aedes aegypti, more commonly known as the yellow fever mosquito or ankle biter, was first recorded in Orange County in 2015.

Now the invasive pests have been found in 29 of the county’s cities.

Lora Young with the Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control district says the agency is getting many calls for mosquitoes now.

Each bug may only live about a week, but with days heating up, they’re sticking around longer as a whole.

“We are seeing our mosquito season definitely lengthen all the way into October, November as we’re getting warmer temperatures,” Young said.

“They’re also very aggressive day biters so that’s why residents in the county are more impacted by them. They’re feeling the biting pressure of them.”

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