AMCA Final Push for Federal Funding – We Need Your Help

From AMCA July 16, 2021

Dear AMCA members, 

We want to thank you for your continued support in promoting enhanced funding for the CDC and specifically the SMASH Act.   We have some good news. Yesterday, the House Appropriations appropriations committee approved the FY22 L-HHS-ED bill and its report. The House included strong language in support of funding as a result of AMCA’s efforts. While direct funding for SMASH is unclear, the language puts us in a position to work with CDC to better prioritize mosquito-borne diseases within the Zoonotic program. Additionally, this is only the House version of the bill and we have an opportunity to impact the Senate baseline bill to encourage definitive funding in addition to strong report language mirroring the House language. 

To this end, we encourage AMCA members send an email to all Senators as soon as possible before July 30th. While the Senate appropriations deadline has passed, they can still markup their appropriations requests because they are still in session until August 6th, and this is what we want to remind them to do.   

If you have already sent letters to your Senators in the last two weeks, that is terrific, and we are asking you to remind them again with the following language and three attachments.  Thank you for your continued support and help in our federal funding efforts.  

Subject: AMCA Support for Public Health Funding

Hi X,

I hope you’re doing well. I’m reaching out on behalf of the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) and the (insert local district) to follow up on our FY22 appropriations request and provide a quick update. It’s my understanding that the member deadline to submit requests to the subcommittee has passed, and I really appreciate your prior consideration of including our request in your submissions. That said, if you did send along our request, I would appreciate any help you can give us in weighing in with the subcommittee to include the request in the bill prior to the markup, which I understand has yet to be scheduled. As a reminder, our request is to fund the Strengthening Mosquito Abatement for Safety and Health Programs (SMASH) Act, which authorizes CDC grants to local mosquito control districts for enhanced surveillance and abatement activities. Language directed at implementing the SMASH Act was included in the FY22 House L-HHS-ED report (I’ve attached the language in the event you’re interested). I understand that the House is very different from the Senate in terms of priorities and procedures, but I really appreciate any help you can give us to include similar language in the Senate bill and report, along with dedicated funding to implement SMASH. Any funding for this purpose would have a tremendous positive impact on public health and our operations in the state. I’ve also attached a letter of support to the subcommittee, and an issue brief that highlights our request. Thank you for your consideration of this request.