Training & Certification

California has one of the strictest programs for the registration and use of pesticides in the United States. While the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR) has the primary responsibility for regulating all aspects of pesticide sales and use, including licensing of pesticide applicators, CDPR has delegated training and certification for public health pesticides to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). The California Vector Control Technician Certification and Continuing Education Guidelines provide detailed procedures for certification and continuing education requirements.

To help guide MVCAC members responsible for coordinating Vector Control Technician certification and continuing education at their agencies, we have created a simple overview of the process and direct links to resources.

MVCAC Training and Certification Committee Standing Charges:

  1. Coordinate the Association’s program of regional continuing education and statewide webinar development, maintaining the expected training standards in vector control.
  2. Review submitted training curricula and recommend approval to the CDPH representative.
  3. Interpret state regulations on continuing education and recommend modifications as needed to maintain a quality program.

A Regional Training Coordinator represents each region on the committee and is appointed by the respective region. The committee may choose to include additional members possessing special expertise or high interest who wish to serve. For specifics on regional training for your area, contact your Regional Training Coordinator. For any additional questions, please contact an MVCAC Training & Certification Committee member:

    • Jill Oviatt (Coachella Valley MVCD) Committee Chair and Regional Training Coordinator for the Southern California Region
    • Stephen Abshier (Sutter-Yuba MVCD) Regional Training Coordinator for the Sacramento Valley Region
    • Rhiannon Jones (East Side Mosquito Abatement) Regional Training Coordinator for the North San Joaquin Valley Region
    • Michael Niemela (CDPH Vector-Borne Disease Section) Certification and Training Coordinator
    • Katherine Ramirez (Consolidated MAD) Regional Training Coordinator for the South San Joaquin Valley Region
    • Daniel Wilson (Alameda County Department of Environmental Health VCSD) Regional Training Coordinator for the Coastal Region
    • Ada Barros Heiser (Placer MVCD)
    • Conlin Reis (Fresno Westside MVCD) Board Liaison