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Books Member Price Non-Member Price
1. MVCAC 2017 Yearbook: 6×9″ printed member directory $10.00* For Members Only
2. Proceedings and Papers of the 2016 Annual Conference (Volume 84) $25.00* $40.00*
3. Proceedings and Papers for Prior Years  $10.00* $15.00*
4. Guide to the Common Mosquitoes of California Four Volume set, approx. 40 pages each $13.00* $14.15*

Free Downloadable Files

Are You Raising Mosquitoes in Your Back Yard? Download Here
Arthropods of Public health Significance in California Download Here
Best Management Practices for Mosquito Control on California State Download Here
Biology and Control of Mosquitoes in California Download Here
California Vector Control Technician Certification and Continuing Education Guides Download Here
DHS 07/05 VecTest Tutorial Download Here
Digital Archive of past Proceedings View Here
Integrated Mosquito Surveillance Program Guidelines for California Download Here
Lyme Disease in California Download Here
Malaria Research and Control in Africa PPT file by UC Davis, UC Riverside, UCLA, UC Irvine, and California Mosquito Abatement Districts Download Here
Pesticide Application and Safety Training for Applicators of Public Health Pesticides Download Here
Publications and Outreach from Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) Download Here
Roles and Duties of the Training and Certification Committee Download Here
Vertebrates of Public Health Importance in California Download Here
Western Treehole Mosquito & Dog Heartworm Download Here
Yellowjackets of California Download Here