Member Benefits

Benefits of MVCAC Membership

Mission Statement: MVCAC provides quality public information, comprehensive mosquito and vector-borne disease surveillance, training to high professional standards, and effective legislative advocacy on behalf of California mosquito and vector control districts.

Legislative Representation: MVCAC promotes cost effective methods of mosquito and vector control as a means to protect public health and safety. MVCAC actively promotes the safe and effective use of public health pesticides. MVCAC does this through legislative advocacy, public education and media relations. In 2004, MVCAC led the fight to exempt mosquito and vector control districts from a new property tax shift. (An additional shift of up to 10% applied to all non-enterprise special districts.) MVCAC was also pivotal in the enactment of AB 1982 and SB 1545. These bills together require that best management Practices are used in the management of state owned or managed wetlands, and funding of $750,000 is provided for this purpose. MVCAC in 2004 also sponsored AB 1454, which requires a DHS licensed control agency to respond to any mosquito-borne disease. It was signed may 13, 2004. In 2002, MVCAC sponsored a comprehensive update to the California Health and Safety Code regarding mosquito and vector control, SB 1588. This bill is coauthored by the entire membership of the Senate Local Government Committee. Governor Davis signed it September 6, 2002. In 2001, MVCAC supported AB 682 (Calderon), which doubled optional reimbursements for district trustees.

Arbovirus surveillance: MVCAC works with the Department of Health Services and the University of California to operate a statewide arbovirus surveillance early warning system to help prevent the spread of mosquito borne diseases.

Communications: MVCAC is a clearinghouse for its members, public officials and the general public on all issues related to mosquito and vector control. MVCAC maintains a website, publishes a quarterly newsletter, and regularly emails updates to its members.

Continuing Education: MVCAC sponsored low cost continuing education courses for employees of corporate members in order to maintain state required licensure.

Annual Conference: Every January, mosquito and vector control professionals learn the latest developments from experts throughout the world as part of their professional certification program.

Publications: MVCAC offers dozens of publications describing services, vectors, treatments and other facets of mosquito and vector control. These low cost publications are updated regularly and are made available in volume to member districts for distribution to the public. They can be reviewed and purchased on the MVCAC website.

For more information regarding MVCAC, contact the MVCAC corporate headquarters at 916-440-0826 or