**COMING SOON** Environmental Programs Manager, Marin/Sonoma MVCD

Description: **COMING SOON** Reporting to the Assistant Manager, the Environmental Programs Manager (EPM) will oversee the District’s CEQA compliance, with particular emphasis on ensuring that District’s activities conform with its PEIR. As part of the management team, the successful applicant will play a key role in developing, implementing and monitoring District plans, programs, goals and performance. This position also provides guidance, support, training and direction to the Field Supervisors, Vector Control Technicians, and Laboratory staff pertaining to regulatory compliance and environmental precautions associated with district programs and operations. An important responsibility will be representing the District in its dealings with regulatory agencies, and acting as a liaison with private property owners in connection with planning and executing mosquito source reduction projects. The EPM helps conduct annual training of staff regarding compliance with the requirements of the PEIR, BMPs, environmental awareness, special status species, and minimization of ecological impacts while performing vector surveillance and control operations. More complete information will be provided in the job description.

Submission Deadline: **COMING SOON** Position will be open until filled.

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