Education Specialist (Safety Officer & Public Information Officer), Salt Lake City MAD

Description: Under direction, the Education Specialist is responsible for public outreach and all educational programs for the District. Performs educational presentations primarily for K through 8th grade (high school and college may also be incorporated), with special emphasis on core science development for 4-6 graders. Will also act as an Outreach Coordinator and Public Information Officer for the District, assisting with community events and media relations to promote public awareness of the District’s mission, activities, and function. As Safety Officer, is responsible for monitoring and assessing hazardous and unsafe situations and developing measures to assure personnel safety. Will perform presentations and demonstrations for all personnel on safety matters and assist in ensuring compliance and acquisition/implementation of personal protective equipment. Will perform/assist with other work and/or tasks as needed or requested. Reports directly to Assistant Director or Executive Director. The Education Specialist (Safety Officer & Public Information Officer) is a full-time employee hired on a salaried basis. 

Submission Deadline: April 20, 2018

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