Agricultural Biologist Aide, Santa Cruz County Mosquito and Vector Control

Description: Under supervision, perform a variety of non-professional tasks in the field in support of agricultural and/or public health mosquito and vector control activities. There are three specialty areas as described below.

Pest Detection Trapper: Identifies target insects; follows the State Insect Trapping Guide; places, services and relocates insect traps within the county; recognizes preferred host plants of the target insects; removes all traps from the field at the end of the trapping season; handles, documents, and submits insect specimens; maintains equipment, supplies and submits accurate daily records.

Inspection Programs: Works on head lettuce Inspection Program; inspecting in the field for compliance with IRQ (Identity/Responsibility/Quantity) labeling as well as size, maturity and standard container requirements. Glassy-winged Sharpshooter (GWSS) Inspection Program: Thoroughly inspects incoming GWSS host plants/containerized nursery stock; protects Santa Cruz agriculture industry, home gardens, and parks from GWSS infestations; sets and services yellow panel insect traps at nurseries within the county.

Vector Control Aide: Supports vector control program staff; conducts field and laboratory activities; conducts mosquito surveillance; detects mosquito-borne viruses; uses a microscope to sort, count and identify; uses a taxonomic key; picks up dead birds; prepares samples; lab submissions; samples potential breeding places; keeps data records and electronic maps; assists with trail clearing using brush cutting equipment; distributes informational materials; under supervision, conducts vector control inspections and applies pesticides; maintains traps and equipment; assists in tick surveillance and control efforts for other vectors; uses scientific skills to perform related work as required.

Submission Deadline: Friday, January 18, 2019

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