Boards of trustees of mosquito abatement and vector control districts are empowered to undertake and carry out a vast number of duties under Health and Safety Code Sections 2040-­‐2093. Decisions regarding policy and oversight of the finances, operation and administration of districts are the primary responsibility of boards of trustees. One trustee from each of the five MVCAC regions is appointed to the MVCAC Trustee Council and the Council Chair sits on the MVCAC Board of Directors.

Trustee Council  

    • Doug Walker (Coachella Valley MVCD) Committee Chair
    • John Dukes (Sutter-Yuba MVCD) Vice Chair
    • Lynn Apland (Turlock, MAD) Member and Representative for the Northern San Joaquin Region
    • Rauden H. Coburn (Fresno MVCD) Member and Representative for the Southern San Joaquin Region
    • Donna Rutherford (San Mateo County MVCD) Member and Representative for the Coastal Region

MVCAC Trustee Reference Manual (PDF) 

Legislation Related to Trustee Responsibilities