MVCAC Award Recipients

meritorius-serviceMVCAC Meritorious Service Award

Meritorious service awards may be conferred on members or nonmembers who have made special and significant contributions to the field of mosquito or vector control in the State of California or elsewhere. Meritorious service awards shall be conferred by the same procedure as established for honorary membership. Recipients of meritorious service awards have no vote in this Association and pay no dues.

2015 Recipient: Dr. William K. Reisen

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MVCAC Honorary Members – 1955-2017

Honorary membership may be conferred on any person who has rendered exceptional, distinguished service in the interest of mosquito or vector control in the state of California. Nomination for this honor requires written endorsement by five or more Corporate Members addressed to the Board of Directors and accompanied by a written description of the individual’s qualifying accomplishments and achievements. Upon receipt of such an endorsement, the Executive Director will prepare a mail ballot and submit ballot and written description about the individual to all Corporate Members. Ballots must be returned within 30-days from the date of mailing. To receive special recognition through honorary membership in MVCAC, the nominee must receive two-thirds vote of the Corporate Membership, with the vote determined based on the number of timely submitted ballots. The results of the mail ballot will be announced at the next Association Board of Directors meeting after the ballot deadline. Honorary members pay no dues and they have no voting rights in the Association. The recipient may receive the award at the Annual Conference or any other Board meeting.

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William C. Reeves New Investigator Award

The William C. Reeves New Investigator Award is given annually by the Mosquito and Vector control Association of California in honor of the long and productive scientific career of Dr. William C. Reeves.

The award is presented to the outstanding research paper delivered by a new investigator based on the quality of the study, the manuscript, and the presentation at the MVCAC Annual Conference.

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MVCAC Trustee Achievement Award

The MVCAC Trustee Achievement Award was phased out in 2006 in an effort to consolidate and streamline award categories.

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